Gauges Voting

Voters get to decide the PTP token emissions of each asset. Users can allocate their vePTP to different assets to direct the emissions. PTP emissions are proportional to the total number of vePTP allocated to an asset. The rate is established by the following formula:
emissionRateassetA=totalEmissionRateweightassetAtotalWeightemissionRate_{assetA} = totalEmissionRate \cdot \frac{weight_{assetA}}{totalWeight}
Each user with vePTP balance can update their allocation at any time.
Note: vePTP obtained from Gifted NFT could be allocated as well.

Real-time emission updates

When a user applies a new allocation vote, it gets applied immediately. There is no cool-down period between votes to make gauge voting more agile. You can change your vote as early as you wish to.