Platypus NFT Minting Tutorial

Below is a step-by-step tutorial on minting your Platypus NFT. It explains the interface, functions, and how to buy and sell NFT in the marketplace.

The Interface

The menu bar is positioned at the top of the page: The image above the fold links to the sites included in the menu bar.
The menus and page it links to: • Mint - to the minting page. • My Platypus - shows all the Platypus Heroes you own. • Guidebook - shows everything you need to know about Platopia and Platypus NFT in a comic-style medium. • Market – to the NFT marketplace. • Info – to the documentation. • Game - to the gamified interface of liquidity mining.


The current minting price and number of NFTs minted are at the center of the minting page. Prices are listed below: • Priority sale: 250 PTP • Public sale: Dutch auctioned. The minting will begin at 500 PTP and drop by 20 PTP every 30 minutes until it reaches 200 PTP.
You can adjust the number of NFTs you want to mint by clicking on the "+" to add more and "-" to subtract. Each person can mint up to 10 NFT, while whitelisted individuals can mint up to 5.
At the bottom of the page is the "Mint" button. "Whitelist Mint" button is available only to whitelisted individuals such as vePTP holders and campaign winners. The "Free Mint" button is available to those who won a free minting from Platypus.

Steps to Mint Your NFT

  1. 1.
    Once you’re ready to mint, make sure your wallet is connected. We support MetaMask, WalletConnect, Coinbase Wallet, Rainbow, Argent, Trust Wallet, and Ledger Live.
  2. 2.
    Ensure you have enough PTP for minting and AVAX to pay the gas fee.
  3. 3.
    Simply click on the mint button to mint your NFT!
  4. 4.
    Confirm the transaction on your wallet.
  5. 5.
    Your NFT will be randomly generated for you!

My Platypus

This page shows all Platypus NFTs you own. They can be sorted by number, tier, ability, score, and so on.
Click on an NFT to view complete information, including a breakdown of its attributes.
You can also personalize your Hero's name to add your own touch.


This is the NFT marketplace, where you'll find all NFTs that have been minted.


On the dashboard, you can find the figures on Total Sales within the marketplace, Total Volume sold, and the Highest Sale Price of an NFT. The colored balls underneath break down the floor price per rarity level. C being common, R for rare, E for exceptional, M for mystic, and L for legendary.


Under the dashboard to the left is a filter icon. Next to it is the total NFT minted.
Once the filter icon is clicked, you may now input specific information about the NFT you're looking for. For example, on the "Power" you may filter it to only see NFT with scores of 15,16,17,18. You can tick as much as you like depending on your preference.


The sorting function is available by price, category, token ID, and listed. Choosing listed means the results will show NFTs that are open for sale first, then NFTs that are not open for sale last.

The NFTs

A thumbnail shows how an NFT looks, skill, and score. It also includes the price it's being sold for in PTP. For NFTs without a price, "not listed" is shown, which means this NFT has been minted, but its owner is not listing it up for sale at the time given. The tier can also be seen at the bottom of each thumbnail.
Once you click on a thumbnail, a pop-up will appear, showing the complete information about the NFT. Here is where you can find the "Buy" button should you choose to purchase it. On the transactions menu, you can find the history of transactions of the particular NFT.

How to Equip Your Platypus Hero

Upon reaching the gamified interface of the Platypus app, there is an "Equip" button at the bottom left. Once clicked, you can select which NFT you want to equip. If you own multiple NFTs, simply click the same button to equip another.