vePTP acts as a yield booster to maximize earnings and it gives users the right to vote and decide PTP emissions. Holding vePTP allows you to participate in airdrops and fee sharing. vePTP is neither transferable nor tradable due to the design of the smart contract, i.e., they are locked in the private wallet of the user.

How to obtain vePTP?

You can acquire vePTP either by Staking PTP or by Locking PTP.


By staking PTP, you can receive vePTP. Every hour, you will get 0.014 vePTP for every PTP you stake. The maximum amount of vePTP you can receive is 180x the amount of PTP you staked, which takes 18 months to reach your maximum. If you stake more PTP, you will get more vePTP. However, if you decide to unstake any amount, you will lose all your vePTP.

Additionally, this is NFT exclusive. Go to 'NFT' section to see how PTPFP can benefit your staking position.

*Note that you need to claim the vePTP accrued to enjoy the boost.


PTP locking works similarly to PTP staking, with a multiplier of 0.336 vePTP per day (the same as 1 staked PTP generation rate). Users can get instant PTP when they select a locked period. Only one locking position can be created, and the maximum locking day is approximately 357 days. We usually refer to it as 12 months for easy understanding. If the user's locking position is within the maximum lock day, they can extend the locking period, but the total lock date cannot exceed 357 days. All earned vePTP will be lost once the PTP is unlocked.

*Please remember to unvote on our gauges before unlocking your PTP if you have already voted.

You can have both staking and locking positions to optimize your vePTP accumulation.

Token Details

Voting escrow PTP (vePTP)

  • Name: Voting escrow PTP (vePTP)

  • Symbol: vePTP

  • Decimals: 18

  • Address: 0x5857019c749147EEE22b1Fe63500F237F3c1B692

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