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Multisig Admin Rights

Multisig Members (5 of 9)

  • MrDuckbill - Platypus Finance
  • MrBeavertail - Platypus Finance
  • MrOtterfoot - Platypus Finance
  • MrVenom - Platypus Finance
  • Simednba - Vector
  • Ants - Echidna
  • Justin - Pangolin
  • DiamondRock - Benqi
  • Yak Man - Yield Yak
Multisig 1 Address (treasury) : 0x068e297e8FF74115C9E1C4b5B83B700FdA5aFdEB
Multisig 2 Address (liquidity incentives) : 0xD2805cff8877235d9EC88F683F85A8213DC288BC

Platypus Finance multisig can perform the following functions

  • Control the Platypus Finance treasury account
  • Set distribution weights on the Master Platypus contract
  • Set new dev address on Pool contract, which in turn can pause the pool from all operations
  • Add or update assets from pools
  • Update pool slippage parameters
  • Update pool address on Asset contract which in turn controls underlying funds
  • Update max cap on assets
  • Update price feeds on ChainlinkProxyProvider
  • Update whitelist and vePTP emissions on vePTP contract
  • Control upgrades for Asset, Pool and AggregateAccount via the proxyAdmin
  • Platypus finance multisig 2, controlled by the same signers holds the liquidity mining incentives to be sent to MasterPlatypus and other rewarders (TJ, etc) every month.