Platypus' Solution

Status Quo

As it currently stands, a plethora of first-generation DEXs with automated market-making faces liquidity fragmentation due to closed liquidity pool design. The invariant curves mechanism and deficiency of multi-assets integration have led to higher slippage, lower scalability, capital inefficiency and bad experience in existing protocols.
Compared to the traditional financial markets, DeFi provides an alternative solution to keep up with modern demand. But without a more transparent, relatively stable and less efficient protocol, the system has yet to live up to expectations.

Platypus as the Game Changer

Platypus has redefined stableswaps and reinvented stablecoins. Masterfully utilizing Platypus’ underlying assets - an innovation that changes the landscape of DeFi for the better!
We envision that seamless asset exchange, single-sided liquidity provision, and redefining the concept of liquidity equilibrium through a novel approach are crucial to the long-term progression of not only our DApps but the entire ecosystem of Avalanche. The true multi-point access of capital brings next-level capital efficiency which solves the long-standing pain point of traditional DeFi: the pervasive liquidity fragmentation among protocols. Normally, assets can be only used for liquidity or lending, not both.
This shift allows for integration of new assets, more use cases for the single-sided LP tokens, and organic growth of assets based on supply and demand. Platypus further utilizes its capital to mint stablecoins: the USP.
Our innovative system helps enlighten the narrative of DeFi 2.0 and brings critical benefits to users in two main categories:


  • Low slippage
  • Minimal impermanent loss
  • Better user experience


  • Maximum capital efficiency
  • Up to 5x leverage farming
  • Low smart contract risk
  • Highly manageable collateral