About Bonus Rewarder

The Bonus Rewarder is a mechanism for projects to render rewards to those who support them. If they decide to provide their governance token to incentivize pool deposit, the rewarder will be fuelled. It’s basically getting a bonus for choosing their pool.

How Can I Get Rewarded?

Deposit funds and stake as a liquidity provider, your rewards will be accrued automatically. You can claim your rewards any time, or claim them all at once upon unstaking.

What Happens When The Rewarder Gets Drained?

If our partner does not refuel the rewarder at the time you claim, you can accrue your rewards by claiming it on frontend.

If our partner refuels the reward tokens, you will be able to claim whatever you accrued.

If our partner decides not to refuel the rewarder any time soon, your accumulated rewards on frontend will be removed.

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