How to obtain vePTP

Stake PTP To Farm vePTP

Depositors can receive additional PTP token emission from the Booster Pool by staking PTP tokens. For yield boosting purpost, head to the vePTP menu.

Note that every 0.014 vePTP is generated from 1 staked PTP on an hourly basis with the maximum vePTP held from a deposit is equal to 100 times the PTP staked.

  1. Click on the green Stake button shown above, input the amount of your PTP to stake and click “Stake”.

2. Once confirmed and completed, your staked PTP will start to generate vePTP.

3. Remember to claim vePTP, so it will start to boost your yield.

To add more tokens, you can always click on the “Stake PTP” button again. From this moment, you begin to accrue vePTP every second. In the vePTP staking menu, you’ll find your vePTP balance, the mine rate of vePTP per hour and the amount of claimable vePTP.

3. To redeem your vePTP tokens, simply click “Claim vePTP”. A gas commission gets charged for this so you’ll need to confirm the action in Metamask.

4. After the selected amount of PTP tokens is added, your booster APR % will appear as green text. (Note: You can withdraw your staked PTP tokens any time. However, your accumulated vePTP will drop to 0 as soon as you unstake any amount. vePTP is neither transferable nor tradable) Unstake PTP If you wish to unstake your PTP, start by clicking the ‘Unstake’ button in white

4. The following window will appear. It will show your delegated PTP tokens and vePTP tokens you forfeit upon unstaking. To confirm the transaction, click ‘Unstake’ to proceed

5. You’re all set!

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